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None of our flat rates include any hardware of any type . Client will provide all fasteners and necessary products to complete the requested project. PHU assumes no responsibility for existing site conditions and will not be held responsible for pre-existing damage of any type or form or issues arising from existing damages or installation as requested by end user or site contact. Conditions can effect actual cost. All work will be surveyed prior to commencing installation. Any exceptions will be approved by end user prior to commencement of installation. Any additional cost will be quoted prior to commencement of any work. Client is responsible for any service fees regardless of any work performed or not performed due to unforeseen issues created from conditional readiness or preparedness.

Interior Enhancement Services

Hourly pricing does include standard moving equipment including blankets standard picture hanging hardware, and free cardboard removal. - All specialty hangers are additional specialty fasteners if needed will be priced at market value. - On Sunday our hourly rates increase $14 per. man / per. hour . - On holidays $19 per. man / per hour. -. All work performed over 14 feet is inherently dangerous and subject to two times the hourly rate. If it is determined that the installation exposes our installers to unnecessary risk. - Our installers have the right to refuse any and all work considered to be hazardous and customer excepts this as the final outcome.